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I cannot wait until a year from now when I will feel confident enough to enter competitions and apply for internships. This statement may seem like I’m jumping the gun, but I’m an overachiever who guides her destination towards anything challenging and rewarding. In this case, I’ve recently gotten inspired by the growth and emerging existence of Chicago’s fashion resources — competitions, grants, and seemingly endless opportunities. From my experience thus far, these opportunities are more feasible in cities like Chicago and San Francisco where the communities are more tightly woven, rather than then the vastness of larger cities.

What I’m enjoying about Columbia is their effort to keep you connected with the city’s happenings in fashion. Recently, there was a reception for the Charles James exhibit/competition in one of our main fashion exhibits on Michigan Avenue. I think it’s totally inspiring to see that one of our own Columbia students won the competition against the finalists from other Chicago fashion schools. I find further inspiration from the garments that the semi-finalists from our school has made, because it really showcases the potential of the education I will be receiving if and when applied. 

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