I did it, mom! PR across the board - fastest 5k, 10k, and furthest. 13.1 miles at 2:06:02. Words can’t explain how overwhelmingly blessed i feel to run every mile with intention for my mom, loved ones, your accomplishments that you’ve shared with me, little babe, my family, and the idea that limitations are only to be broken. If you felt a tingle this morning, you have fueled my run during the doubts and highs as I strutted on the runway.  (at the finish line)
"Chaos to Couture." Givenchy. 90s. Punk influence. Amazing book based on the NY exhibition. Interesting to note the name of this exhibit/book, acknowledging the combination of the roots of punk and connecting it with couture. Is this possible? Subcultures, punk especially, have a reoccurring presence in fashion. Whether it’s design details or tone, punk emulates as an attitude — a sense of rebellion,  that crosses time, race, class, etc.     (at Fashion Study Collection)